OPPORTUNITY – Did you know that an innovative new short-course designed by world experts in the field of ‘Transforming Retail Food Environments to be Health-Enabling’ is set to be delivered by these experts from 28 July?

GLOBE’s affiliated research centre, The Centre for Retail Excellence in Food Retail Environments for Health (RE-FRESH), has teamed up with Monash University to provide this rare opportunity for those in positions who can influence food retail environments to be more health enabling, such as health promotion practitioners, dieticians, nutritionists and those with influence on public health policy.

Participants can join the likes of  A/Prof. Julie Brimblecombe, Dr Miranda Blake, Dr Tara Boelsen-Robinson, Jasmine Chan, Jane Dancey, Dr Megan Ferguson, Dr Luke Greenacre, A/Prof. Catherine Mah, Dr Emma McMahon, Laura Kennedy, Carmen Vargas, and Dr Jill Whelan to learn how foods are marketed and merchandised in retail food environments – influencing consumer food choices – and gain evidence-based skills and knowledge to intervene to facilitate better practices for public health benefit.

A highlight will be the weekly 2-hour interactive Zoom workshop with the world-leading researchers in this rapidly developing practice area in Australia and overseas.

Enrolments are now open. Visit the RE-FRESH website https://healthyfoodretail.com/resource/short-course/ for further information, including a video from one of the course presenters, a FAQ sheet, additional info on all lecturers, cost, dates and how to enrol.