GLOBE is currently involved in a number of community and organisational projects, working with stakeholder groups to identify the causes of complex health problems and using social network analysis to understand connections between stakeholders and organisations. Some of our ongoing projects include:

    • Working with a large, Victorian state-based employer to understand the impact of internal organisational systems on employee mental health. Various stakeholder groups at different organizational and managerial levels are participating in the construction of a map which describes organizational influences on mental health, with a view to better understand how existing systems may be having unintended negative effects on the wellbeing of employees.
    • Working with a group of three Victorian communities to trial an online, survey-based approach to mapping complex systems. Supported by a VicHealth innovations grant, this work is engaging approximately 150 stakeholders in each community to map local drivers of water and soft drink consumption. This work aims to increase understanding of the drivers of healthy beverage choices in the target communities, while also informing an approach to system mapping which increase community engagement and accessibility, and improves our ability to include diverse stakeholder populations at reduced burden and cost.
    • Working with a community in northern Victoria to understand the drivers of alcohol consumption, and alcohol-related cultures. This work will engage with community members from at-risk sub-populations and local health service providers to share local knowledge and identify factors that contribute to risky drinking behaviours in that community. The project will also identify and develop potential responses to these local factors, which may address the risky drinking system. Broader community engagement will follow in 2017, wherein the community will lead the coordination and delivery of alcohol-related harm minimisation strategies.
    • Working with a Barwon/South-Western Victorian community to understand the relationship between the capacity of local mental health services, and the mental health of newly settled refugee populations. This community is preparing for a significant intake of refugees over the coming year, and local health services are working to identify whether current mental health support systems will be adequate to deal with a short-term increase in demand due to the increased risk of mental health issues among refugees.

GLOBE has also completed a number of systems mapping and strategic planning processes with communities and organisations across Australia, including mapping community-level drivers of obesity in communities in south-western, central, and northern Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania. In 2015, GLOBE coordinated the development of a national, expert-led obesity map at the CO-OPS national conference in Melbourne. Other health-related projects have investigated drivers of organisational mental health, maternal and child health, and child and adolescent physical activity and dietary behaviours.